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きらきら Pony

Photography of Neth's MLP Collection

Kira Kira Pony - pictures of Neth's MLP Collection
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Photographs of my pony collection

Kira-kira (きらきら): A Japanese word meaning "glittering" or "sparkling."
Pony: One of the large number of My Little Ponies around Neth's house.

Starting on October 1, 2008, I am striving to take at least three artistic photographs a week of my pony collection. Most posts will have one or two pictures, some may have more. No one can join this community but me, but anyone can comment on the pictures. I am hoping to use this as a way to become a little more artistic.

There may be the occasional artwork or doodle of a My Little Pony, but the primary focus is the ponies themselves.

Photo intense community, no cuts for the first image.

--kittikattie (for daily ramblings and so forth)